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Our Mission... to assist in the teaching of Universal Consciousness to the Community by the Community.

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May 2014

Thank you for supporting the 1st Annual Spring Universal Life Expo!

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What is Universal Life Expo?

Central Ohio has always had a strong metaphysical and holistic community!  Over twenty years ago (in 1989), the Balanced Life Expo was created and then became the Universal Light Expo (in 1991).  A handful of spiritually oriented individuals came together with a vision and goal to create community right here in Columbus… the heartland! 

Building on this history of community, a new core group of volunteers present Universal Life Expo for 2013!  Today, ULE continues to build on the foundation, vision and efforts of those that laid the groundwork of spiritual community in Columbus. 

All of the volunteers of this event are blessed and appreciated, but Spirit is always in charge of the event.  The Universal Life Expo (ULE) is not about the expression of self, or personal power or ego, but of the commonality and shared consciousness that is occurring in all of humankind.  

Volunteers from all walks of life have made the ULE a “happening”, one of the finest and largest events of its kind on the planet.  We emphasize consciousness and “spirit” over lower human ego driven motivations.  We respect all traditions and honor a Rainbow of ideas.

The Universal Life Expo is an alternative, complimentary event that can help us all grow in many ways.  We realize that “ psychic events” are not unusual (they are in fact downright ordinary), and that everyone, yes everyone, has “hidden powers” within.  The key to the Universe is within, not outside, or from someone else.

During ULE, many types of goods, services and ideas will be offered:  

  • 130 presenters in nearly 150 talks and workshops (most free with Paid Admission) *
  • 330+ booths filled with products and services for an enlightened life *

There is something for everyone.  Thousands of people will network and connect during this event.  For two days, everyone comes together to raise the energy of the entire region, the nation, and the whole planet. 

We are all a part of this “community”, we are all related, all a part of the same energy, the same web of life.  Whether from Ohio, Tibet, or La La Land, the bridge of rainbow light that is in us all, connects us to all, seen and unseen.  This “community” comes from all over the world, right here to the Heartland, to bring you the Universal Life Expo. 

So, welcome to the Universal Life Expo, it is your Expo.  Your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts are always welcome, as are more volunteers.  Please send your thoughts to info@ulexpo.com (our new email address).

Many Thanks and Blessings to all!

Our Spring ULE will be about half the size and have it's own unique look, feel and energy to it.

Contact Information

We welcome your comments, suggestions and ideas.  To help you reach the correct person to address your inquiry, we invite you to contact the following people so they may better assist you.

NOTE:  We have new email addresses - please update your contact lists.

General Contact (Email):  info@ulexpo.com

General Contact (Postal Mail):  Universal Life Expo, LLC., PO Box 14061, Columbus, OH  43214

Phone/Voice Mail:  1.855.4ULExpo (485.3976)

Contact Info to assist you:

Please remember that we are an all-volunteer event and our chair people are also volunteers and may change from show-to-show.  To help us help you better, please make sure you address your question/comment to the appropriate person for the event.  Thank you!

Up-Coming ULE Dates!


  • May 17th & 18th at the Veterans Memorial
  • October 25th & 26th at the Columbus Convention Center


  • May 2nd & 3rd at the Ohio Expo Center/Fairgrounds
  • October 17th & 18th at the Columbus Convention Center



The ideas, statements, products and services of speakers and exhibitors are their own and may not reflect the individual views of Universal Life Expo, LLC (ULE), ULE representatives, ULE committee members or ULE volunteers.